Top Uber Hacks

Uber is an amazing company which has been so useful for so many Uber customers around the world.  Many Uber riders want to know what is the best way to maximize their Uber credit and to get Uber as cheap as possible!  Well it is our job to help you find the top Uber hacks for free Uber rides, discount Uber codes, and tips to make your Uber experience the best possible!

1. Earn a free $1 rebate for every Uber ride you take.

uber rebate

By using the Ibotta app (available both on iOS and Android devices), riders can earn an automatic $1 free Uber rebate for every trip that they take. It is a simple process to earn this rebate:

Step 1: Open the Ibotta app on your cell phone, and find the Uber rebate tab within the app itself. Possibilities to identify the Uber rebate are searching using the search bar, or looking in the “Mobile Shopping” category in the “Find Rebates” section of the navigation section.

Step 2: Once you have located the Uber rebate tab, hit the “Shop” button and Ibotta will automatically route you to your Uber app by opening it in a new window.

Step 3: Order a ride and complete your trip. That’s it!

Need an Ibotta account? If you do not have an Ibotta account, sign up here for a free $10 welcome bonus. That means that once you take your first Uber ride, you will actually receive $11 in rebates! ($10 bonus + $1 for the ride).


2. Take advantage of Uber’s loyalty program!

uber loyalty program

If you use Uber a lot, one of the nicest things is to be able to receive some sort of a benefit from riding. Recently, Uber sent an email to their riders in Los Angeles, California announcing they are launching what appears to be the start of a loyalty program. Each UberBLACK ride taken will give riders 200 points, and when they amass 3,000 total points they will be rewarded with a free $25 Uber ride. Essentially, the program is buy 15 get 1 free. The reward program with Uber will be available throughout July and users can make use of it by opting in with the code LOYALUBERBLACK. Though this promotion seems to be valid only in Los Angeles, we are hoping that it will spread soon to other cities in the United States.

3. Earn free Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Hotel points just by riding Uber!


This is another one of the Uber hacks that you just have to remember to sign up for.  If you’re a Starwood Preferred Guest credit card holder, you can simply link your SPG account with your Uber account to get free Starwood points every time you take an Uber.  First, you just have to link your SPG account with your Uber account.   Then, you will need to stay in a Starwood hotel once to activate this Uber promo.  SPG points are some of the most valuable hotel points around!

4. Get a refund from Uber for a bad Uber ride!


If you ever have a not so good Uber ride (your ride is unsafe, or your driver took a less-than-optimal route, or something bad happened otherwise), you can contact Uber support and explain the situation and what happened. If you have a valid complaint, Uber will often give you a ride credit within 24 hours to make things right.  Of course, you can’t just complain about anything!  But the free Uber ride credit from this can be very nice for next night’s Uber travel.

5. Reduce your wait time for Uber!


To minimize the amount of time you have to wait to get an Uber ride, there are several Uber hacks for you to use.  First, order your Uber car ahead of time, before you actually get to the pickup point.  So if you are walking to the office, and need to be picked up there, you can drop your Uber pin and order the ride when you are 3 minutes away.  Second, call your Uber driver or text him/her right after they get assigned to you, to make sure they know where to pick you up.  This is particularly an important Uber hack if you are in a confusing location (multiple entrances etc.).  It is not advisable to keep your Uber driver waiting for you for too long, since this can severely annoy your driver and decrease your passenger rating.

6. You can learn what your personal Uber rating is!


Did you know that you can actually learn what your Uber passenger rating is?  Yes!  This is one of the cooler Uber hacks you can try out.  It will be helpful because drivers may be ignoring your Uber ride requests if you have a poor Uber rating. Your Uber driver will see this rating whenever they decide whether or not to pick you up. If your rating is low, that might explain why it’s taking so long for a car to confirm you. If your rating is super-low, then you might get banned from the system.  To check your Uber rating, simply open up the Uber app and be sure you’re signed in. At the top left you’ll see a button which opens up a bunch of options.  Then click on the “HELP” button. Then click on the “Account” button. Then scroll to the second thing from the bottom of the page, which reads “I’d like to know my rating.” The next page explains what you can request, so hit “Submit” to request your Uber rating.  That’s it!

UPDATE: As of December 2015, there is a new way to check your Uber passenger rating within 30 seconds, or less!  You no longer have to email Uber in order to check your rating.  For more information, refer to the updated method of seeing your personal Uber rating through the Uber app.

UPDATE #2: As of April 2017, Uber has updated how riders can view their rating! In Uber’s latest rider rating update post, Uber has announced that they are making rider ratings much more accessible in the app. Now, a rider’s rating will be displayed right under their name in the app’s menu! That’s right, just tap the buttons on the top left corner of your Uber app when you are logged in and you’re all set!

7. Learn to avoid bad Uber drivers with low Uber ratings.


You have probably learned the hard way what ratings you want to avoid on Uber!  If you have ever had an Uber Driver that you never want to ride with again, then you know their rating was probably very low.  For example, they are probably below a 4.5.  This is a simple set of Uber hacks to learn.  Make sure that you remember to avoid drivers that are poorly rated so that you do not have a bad Uber experience!

8 Get free Uber rides credit by referring your friends!


Invest your time and effort to get people around you to sign up for Uber, and you’ll get free Uber credit!  This is a great way to stretch your Uber dollar, and you can do things like share your referral code on Facebook, Twitter, or even just talking to friends!

9. How to use Uber for airport pickups – even when Uber is not allowed to pick up at the airport!


The ridesharing apps like Uber are life-savers; and even pocket-savers when compared to taxi services from airport to the city. Most of the times Uber can save you up to 50% for airport rides, and the best part is the whole system is cashless. You don’t need to pay anything to the driver, and don’t spend that extra cash in tips. Because of the fees that taxi drivers pay to the airport, Uber is sometimes not permitted to do airport pickups. Though they are free to drop passengers off at the airport, they are not allowed to pick up people from the airport in some cities. So how do you work your way around this? Most Uber drivers hang around the airport parking lots or areas nearby after dropping off customers. So here are a few ways you can still call for them.  One way is to take the free rental car shuttle out of the airport to the car rental company’s office, and then call for Uber from there. For example, car rental pickup lots in Los Angeles are far outside the airport and so you can hail Uber for Los Angeles International Airport once you have arrived at that lot.  A second option is to take the shuttle buses of hotels that are close to the airport, and wait at the lobby while you request Uber. Remember that a lot of these shuttle buses ask for reservations before getting in them. But you can tell the driver of the shuttle that you are a potential customer to the hotel and they will let you in.  It is also possible that you can drag the pin on the Uber app to the street outside of airport and dropp it to see if it would then allow you to request an Uber ride. Once accepted by the driver, just call them and tell them you want to be picked up from the terminal at the airport.  However, this could potentially be illegal for the drivers and get them into big trouble!  There are reports of police being set at the airport to keep an eye for these scenarios and catch your driver.

10. You can track the total number of Uber trips you have ever taken, and see it broken down by the type of Uber ride you have taken!

uber total rides

Many Uber customers are curious about the number of rides they have taken in their entire Uber history.  Well now there is an actual way to figure it out, without manually tracking all of your rides yourself!  You can visit the Uber Totals website.  It is completely legitimate as it was built for the 2015 Uber API Hackathon.  They clearly describe their privacy policy in case you are concerned.  Once you login, you can actually see the total number of Uber rides you have taken, the miles you have ridden, the total time you spent riding in Uber, and the total amount of time you have spent waiting for Uber cars to arrive.  Even cooler, you can see the breakdown of the types of Uber rides that you have taken!  How do you compare with the Uber Totals leaderboard?  There are some people out there who have taken a lot of Uber rides!

11. Use one Uber account to pay for multiple family member’s/co-workers/loved one’s Uber trips.

uber family

In certain cities, Uber will allow you to use one Uber passenger account in order to pay for multiple people. This is an easy way to pay for family and friends from your account. You can use the Family Profiles feature in order to do this, and it allows up to 10 riders to safely and easily share one payment method. Currently, this feature is available only in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix, but will be coming soon across other cities! If you happen to live in one of these cities, make sure you first update your Uber app to the latest version. Then in Menu/Settings, scroll down to  “Add a Family Profile” and select the contacts you would like to add. s soon as the Family Profile rider accepts the invitation, they can begin requesting rides from their own phone using the Family Profile as their payment method. The cost of the trip will automatically be billed to the Family Profile and the organizer will receive a receipt for every ride. Remember, the Family Profile rider must open the email invitation to Family Profiles and accept. They also must make sure their Uber app is updated to the latest Uber version.

12. Pay for Uber trips using a Capital One credit card so you can take part in their rewards program.

uber capital one rewards

Uber has recently announced that they have partnered with Capital One to launch an exciting new rewards program. With this rewards program, every 10th ride is free (up to $15) when you pay with a Capital One Quicksilver or QuicksilverOne card through March 2017. Access Payment Rewards from the payment menu in the app. Tap Unlock ride discounts to learn more about our first benefit, powered by Capital One. Once you have a Quicksilver card on file, you’ll see a progress bar showing how close you are to earning your next free ride, both when requesting a ride and in the payment menu. See when you have a free ride available and control when you use it. If you don’t want to use it right then, simply tap Save for Later.

13. Make sure you sign up for Uber with the best new Uber rider promo code, to maximize your free first ride on Uber.


When you sign up for Uber, did you know that you can get an automatic free Uber ride credit?  This will allow you to take your first ride on Uber completely 100% free of charge.  You can sign up and enter the Uber promo code uberNEWACCT or you can click here to sign up as well and score free Uber rides.

14. Earn the biggest Uber new driver bonus you can with the best promotional code.

Many of you are also considering whether you want to drive for Uber. It can be very attractive because you work the hours you want to work, and earn money just by driving your car around. To get the best drivers, Uber offers some of the most competitive referral bonuses for new driver accounts around. The new driver sign up bonus varies from city to city, but one of the best Uber new driver signup bonuses is available at this link. Check out the promotional sign up bonus that is being offered in your city, and determine if it is worth it to sign up to drive. After all, just a few trips can earn you enough money to pay for a lot more than just Uber rides around town!