New Uber Driver Bonus

Many passengers are out there wondering if they are ready to drive for Uber. After all, it can be a very lucrative and easy way to earn some meaningful money. Whether you are interested in driving for Uber as a part-time side gig, or as your full-time job, there are many things to consider!

new uber driver bonus

One of the most exciting parts of driving for Uber is being able to score a new Uber driver bonus. This is Uber’s way of trying to get the best drivers to drive for them! If you sign up to drive for Uber using one of these new Uber driver bonus programs, like the one available at this link, you can earn up to a $1,200 bonus just by signing up and completing some Uber trips!

Driving for Uber is an excellent way to earn some extra money. One of the best perks is that you can make your own hours and work any time you want.  Of course, before signing up to become a new Uber driver and before you can score such an amazing Uber driver sign up bonus promotion, you must meet some eligibility requirements. Please remember that these requirements may vary by location.

  1. You must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. You must have 3 years driving experience and have a clean driving record.
  3. You must pass a background check.
  4. Complete a certain number of trips driving for Uber within 30 days to get the Uber new driver bonus. This will depend on the city you drive in. Click this link to determine how much of a new driver bonus you will earn in your area.
  5. This offer is only for NEW Uber drivers. Past applicants may not be eligible. You can NOT have an application already started with Uber. If you, at any time, ever opened the Uber website, or app, and started an application, you are unfortunately not eligible.

Even if you do not have a car, you can still drive for Uber! Uber offers a program called their Uber XChange Leasing program, which is a car rental program with Hertz and Enterprise. This program offers affordable, convenient, and potentially free vehicles for you to drive! As long as you meet certain eligibility criteria, you could potentially be able to drive for Uber without having a car!

So if you are interested, the best Uber new driver sign up bonus promo code is available by clicking this link. Enjoy the extra cash!