Improve Uber Rating


One of the biggest concerns that many Uber passengers have is what your Uber rating is!  Did you know that you can actually learn what your Uber passenger rating is?  We discuss this in greater detail in our Top Uber Hacks.  Quickly, check your Uber passenger rating now. To do this, first open up the Uber app and be sure you’re signed in. At the top left you’ll see a button which opens up a bunch of options. Uber has recently started making rider ratings much more accessible in the app. Now, a rider’s rating will be displayed right under their name in the app’s menu. It used to be something that you had to email Uber about, and you would receive a response like below. However, you don’t need to do this any longer!


As you know, it is important to know what your rating is because drivers may be ignoring your Uber ride requests if you have a poor Uber rating. Your Uber driver will see this rating whenever they decide whether or not to pick you up. If your rating is low, that might explain why it’s taking so long for a car to confirm you. If your rating is super-low, then you might get banned from the Uber system!


Though we cannot say conclusively what the minimum Uber passenger rating is before every individual Uber driver might cancel rides on you, we do know that working to improve Uber rating is a very important thing to consider.

Uber drivers were polled to ask about ways to improve Uber rating.  The key take home messages that Uber drivers were willing to share include:

Be ready. It frustrates drivers to have to wait for 10 minutes while everyone gets ready — especially if there’s nowhere to park their car while they are waiting outside for you. Don’t let your Uber arrive until you’re definitely ready to depart, and this will help to improve Uber rating for you.

Make sure your pickup is correct. Dropping the pin on the map can be inaccurate, especially when there are a lot of close-by building if you are in a major city. To work on improve Uber rating, you should enter your exact location with an address, or better yet, with the name of the building you are located in if that is available.  Then double-check it looks right, and this way your Uber driver won’t be forced to call you to find out exactly what you are at.  If it is a confusing pick up location, you can even text your Uber driver to let him/her know that you are at a specific entrance or gate!

Enter your destination in the app. It’s not obligatory to enter your destination in the Uber app, but it helps the driver out a lot because Uber’s driver application will let them route you there. It lets drivers smoothly navigate via the in-app GPS system (or another GPS application), rather than having to rely on your directions. It also helps the driver have a sense of how long it will be before the ride ends.

Be polite. It’s not hard to be nice to others.  So do the same with your driver.  Be pleasant and ask them (and don’t demand anything!) because it is their car.  If you would like the temperature changed, ask. If you don’t like music.  Just ask nicely.  And don’t feel bad if they say no.


Of course, there are things you can do that make your Uber passenger rating drop!  The Uber drivers tell you:

Making drivers go out of their way for short journeys. There’s nothing wrong with taking an Uber for short trips, but if that Uber driver just had to drive for 15 minutes just to take you 3 blocks away, they won’t be too happy.

Eating. Generally speaking, it’s best not to.  After all, it can be messy and it is up to the Uber driver to clean up your mess.  Also, their next rider just smells your Burger King in the car, and it is not a good way to get a good Uber driver rating for them.  However, if you have to, ask politely.

Leaving trash. If you leave your garbage behind, that is an easy way to get a 1 star Uber passenger rating!  No one likes having garbage tossed behind, especially not your Uber driver.

Being drunk and disorderly. Drivers won’t generally hate you if you have been drinking – they understand the job.  But if you’re belligerently drunk and annoying, they’ll mark you down.

Overloading the vehicle. Trying to pile more passengers into the car than the seatbelts (or insurance) allow isn’t just annoying, it’s illegal. Your $15 trip isn’t worth the driver getting their license confiscated.

Demanding things. Many Uber drivers provide perks, like gum or bottled water for their customers. It can help ensure a high rating. But not all do, and if you act entitled to these optional perks, your driver will be very unhappy with you and will likely rate you a lower Uber passenger.


So there you go! These are some key ways to improve Uber rating for all Uber customers.  Keep these Uber tips and tricks in mind, and you will be on your way to a 5-star Uber passenger rating now!