How to Get Free Uber Rides

Everyone who is an Uber customer wants to know the best way to score some free Uber rides.  After all, it is always better not to have to pay for your Uber rides when you are taking them, right?


uber signup bonus

First, you can’t get any free Uber rides until you have an Uber account!  This sounds like an obvious first step, but many people want to be able to start racking up the free Uber credit without actually having started an account yet.

When you sign up for an Uber account, you need to make sure that you capitalize on Uber’s free first ride promotional offer.  By signing up for Uber using their promo code, you can get your first Uber ride completely free!  Make sure that you enter the free Uber rides promotion code: uberNEWACCT when you register for your new Uber account to receive this free ride.


share uber referral codes

Second, make use of your network of friends!  Invest your time and effort to get people around you to sign up for Uber, and you’ll get free Uber credit just by referring them!  This is a great way to stretch your Uber dollar, and you can do things like share your referral code on Facebook, Twitter, or even just talking to friends!  There is no cost to them for signing up for Uber, and you will get free Uber rides as a result of them taking a ride after using your Uber sign up code!


uber promo code

Third, it is important to get to know where to enter your Uber promo codes for free Uber rides.  To unlock a promotion code, you just need to apply the code to your Uber account.  The steps are relatively simple for anyone who wants to enter a promotional code:

  1. Tap the “My Account” button in the top left of your Uber app
  2. Tap the “Promotion” option
  3. Enter your promo code

Alternatively, you can use the Uber website to enter your free Uber rides promotional codes.

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click the “Promotions” link at the top of the page
  3. Type in your promo code and click “Submit”

Keep an eye out on our updated website on a daily basis to find out when Uber has released promo codes for your city.  Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter in order to get up to the minute updates on when promo codes are released.

free uber week

Fourth, Uber often runs promotional specials, like free Uber week, which all offer free Uber rides.  These promotional offers often happen when a new city is launched and Uber wants to encourage passengers to take their service.  Keep an eye out on this website for updates on where Uber is launching, and when the free Uber rides are taking place.

uber capital one rewards

Fifth, Uber has partnered with Capital One to offer you a free ride if you pay with their credit cards.  This is one of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of your Uber trips!  With a CapitalOne Quicksilver or QUicksilverOne credit card, you will get a free ride, up to $15 in value, for every 10 rides that you take and pay for with their system! The CapitalOne Quicksilver has no annual fee, so this helps make it even more affordable for you, the Uber passenger. This promotion is valid through March 2017.

where is uber available

Finally, it is important to know where Uber rides are available across the world.  This is because your free Uber rides will not always work, depending on your geographic location.  Every Uber location (and country) has a different rule for whether Uber promos will work, and so you will need to learn the rules of each location you travel to.  A complete list of where Uber is available is below, and this list is valid as of November 2015.

North America:

Central & South America

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Asia Pacific