How to Enter Uber Promo Code

To unlock an Uber promo code, it can be a little bit of a tricky process!  To help, we want to provide a guide on how to enter Uber promo code for all riders.  So whether you have an existing Uber account, or are a new Uber user, we have got your covered!

If you have an Apple iPhone, you can visit the Apple iTunes store in order to first download the Uber app for the iPhone.  Please note that Uber is a completely phone-based program, which means that you cannot order an Uber ride from your desktop or laptop computer!


Alternatively, if you have an Android phone (like the Samsung Galaxy S6), you can visit the Google Play store to download the Android Uber app.  The excellent news is that the Uber app for both the iPhone and the Android platform is completely 100% free of charge.

For new Uber accounts:

If you do not already have an Uber rider account, you can sign up for a new account and automatically received a free first ride credit!


By signing up for a new Uber account with the free first Uber ride promo code uberNEWACCT, you will automatically receive your first Uber ride completely free of charge!  The ride can be on any of Uber’s different ride options including uberX, uberXL, uberPOOL, uberTAXI, uberSELECT, uberBLACK, uberSUV, and uberVIP!

For existing Uber accounts:

If you already have an Uber account, then you will want an old Uber rider promo!  For both the iPhone and the Android platform phones, the steps are the same!


  1. Tap the “My Account” button in the top left of your Uber app
  2. Tap the “Promotion” option
  3. Enter your promo code


Alternatively, you can enter the Uber promo code for existing users in your Uber account on their website.  It is right beside where your Payment options are in Uber, and you can click this link to head straight to that Uber option!


It is really that simply to enter your promo code for Uber!  They make it very easy for you use promotions as part of their Uber platform!

Enjoy all of your promo codes for Uber as an existing Uber rider and a new Uber account!  Save money on Uber!