15% Discount for Uber Trips to CasaCor Peru 2017 in Lima

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The doors open to the 32nd edition of Casa Cor Peru and this is special for lovers of design, architecture, landscaping and anyone interested in the world of interior design. Uber Lima is partnering with Casa Cor Peru to assist riders with getting to the destination cheaper than ever. This is being accomplished by giving riders a 15% discount for Uber trips to head to or to leave from Casa Cor Peru. Simply apply the discount for Uber ride promo code CASACOR2017 before riding, and your 15% discount will automatically apply. This promotion will be valid for existing and new Uber rider accounts.

Don’t know what Casa Cor Peru is? It receives the visitor ‘space entrance’, intervened by the designer Yolanda Corvetto who proposes a natural decoration of cane, logs and aloe, nuanced with paintings inspired by Cusco. From there, the route extends through various interior and exterior corners. Spaces such as the Studio with Cool Wave, which shows the proposal of Jessie D’Angelo. Here Veronica de Haaker points out that this year there is a strong tendency to decorate with pieces that incorporate textiles inspired by the heritage of pre-Hispanic cultures and the richness of our natural fibers to the everyday environment. In this line are the paintings and sculptures of Cynthia Malamud, who stand out in this study, on a large sofa with light tones and in different corners of the environment. Nearby is also the Writing Desk of Memories, an eclectic and very vintage space designed for a country house, in which Orlando Espinoza and Elmo Rubio gather pieces as a campaign desk (a furniture made up of two trunks made in China in 1800 for the English market), contemporary paintings, a chair by Sergio Rodrigues (father of modern design in Brazil), a piece by the Colombian sculptor Edgar Negret, a colonial glazed vase, the sputnik table of the 50s, among others. And following the route, the Winter Garden.

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