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UberICECREAM Promo is Giving Away Free Bouza Bachir Ice Cream to Uber Customers in Beirut, Lebanon


Uber has a habit of giving away free food. Recently, they offered a spectacular promotion where they were just handing out free ice cream for US-based Uber riders. This was a big success, and many Uber customers were very happy that they would just get free sweet treats from a company that provides rides. Now, if you are a rider in Lebanon, you can get to participate in UberICECREAM and score yourself some summer treats too!

UberICECREAM is here to help spread the love with 100% FREE Bouza Bachir! On Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017, Uber Lebanon is going to be delivering Beirut’s favorite ice cream directly to your door. UberICECREAM is back for its 6th magical year globally and 3rd year in Beirut. Enjoy before it melts away. Here’s how to request your 100% free ice cream in Beirut this week:

  1. Open the Uber app from 1pm till 5pm on August 22, 2017
  2. Select Ice Cream on the bottom of the Uber app
  3. Request your delicious ice cream for FREE
  4. The goods: 2 cups of ice cream for 2. Each cup includes chocolate, Oreo vanilla and festou

For more information about free ice cream, read the Uber Lebanon website.

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