5 thoughts on “uberX and uberPOOL Boston November Pass Offers Flat Fare Rides with 3 Different Packages

  1. I’m not able to see the flat fare option on my phone despite downloading the most recent version and the link doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  2. This is upsettingly confusing. I got my poor benighted son in Brooklyn to walk me through the whole delete and redo business. But my app still doesn’t let me get to “get flat fares”. I went into my computer to get to this. Still hasn’t let me buy anything, though it looks like your prices are going up again. Hope your competition is easier to use, because I’m pretty tired of spending days trying to buy your services. Whoever sets it up needs to update to a more intuitive version.

  3. Every month the prices for the fares go up, and now there are “limited” passes to purchase. I’ve been using uberpool passes since July and now I have to wait to get “notified” when, if ever, they’ll be available again. Needless to say, I’m not happy. Hopefully Lyft or some other app gets their own version of a pass so I can be done with you guys. Unbelievable.

  4. It sucks big time now. Limited passes sucks ! Coz in system it shows available and you purchase it, then it bumps you off coz apparently the passes were sold out when you bought them and system didn’t upgrade it and you end up being frustrated and becoming a fool. Wish other competitors had similar packs but anyways if we have to pay same price then let’s go with the competition who doesn’t play with us by giving us limited passes and system glitches !

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