6 thoughts on “Flat $2 Fares with uberPOOL September Pass in Boston, Massachusetts

  1. I bought a pass and don’t regret it, but I have to say the wording in the promo is very misleading: When it said $40 for 20 rides at $2, I thought all I’d have to pay is $40. You pay $40 upfront for the pass and then pay $2 out of pocket for every ride. So if you used up all 20 rides, you’d be paying $80 a month, not $40. I do still think it’s worth it if you are a frequent uber user: That’s less than a monthly train/bus pass!

  2. I noticed that too.

    I paid $40 for a uber pool pass and I thought I pay total $2 for a ride and I have total 20 rides.

    After I took a few rides I noticed there are a few extra $2 charged on my credit card.

    That means I have to pay total $4 for a ride.

    Lyft line is better. I only need to pay $3.50 for a ride on Lyft line for the same distance (from home to office about 4 miles).

    Now I learned my lesson the Lyft line is better deal for me.

    If there is Lyft line in your area then you should check how much Lyft line costs you before you decide to take the Uber pool pass deal.

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