9 thoughts on “Uber Promos for Existing Users: Free Pizza from Mellow Mushroom Across the USA

  1. Don’t be fooled, Charlotteans – uber clearly doesn’t know where “south Charlotte” is. This is basically just limited to uptown (given there is technically no “downtown). Disappointed.

  2. Don’t do an uber promotion if you don’t plan on following through. I logged on at 6pm and it has said no cars available for the last 45 mins. given the time sensitive nature of your promotion you should have planned for demand and had the app working correctly.

  3. The news in Richmond is that they had 100 pies to dole out. Additional boring internet research suggests an annual ridership of 414,000 Uber riders in Charlotte.

    The question is then: how many pies did Uber have for Charlotte and how much of that ridership got told this free pizza windy?

    The notification I got was rather convincing and certainly did not notify of anything like a 1 in 4000 chance of getting the pizza. If those were in fact the kind of odds we were working with, and they were given to us plainly, I expect me and a lot of people would’ve been faster in ignoring this Uber spam email, and probably ate something better than cereal tonight.

    What a drag, Uber.

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